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Who We Are 
Here at A Personal Touch Auto Detailing, we aren't your typical detail shop.  We specialize in the refinement & LONG TERM protection of all of your vehicle's exterior surfaces, using only the highest quality products available.  Our services cost more than traditional details, but last for months or years instead of weeks, and therefore deliver a much greater value.  We offer free quotes, and accept Visa, MC, Discover, cash, or checks.  Fully insured.


Paint Restoration Package

$495 for cars
$75 for standard pickups, crossovers, & small-midsize SUV's
$150 for large SUV's & extended cab pickups
  • Hand wash with 2 bucket system w/grit guard
  • Tires cleaned, and protected with a non slinging, long lasting tire gel
  • Wheels cleaned and waxed
  • Clean all glass with 2 step Diamondite glass cleaner
  • Clay bar entire vehicle to remove environmental paint contaminants
  • Paint swirls & light scratches removed, & polished to a high gloss finish
  • Seal paint with 6-12 month, German acrylic polymer paint sealant

Our customers trust us with their high end detailing

Opti-Coat Protection Package
(w/5 year warranty)

$495 for cars
$50 for standard pickups/small SUV's
$100 for large SUV's/extended cab pick ups
  • Hand wash with 2 bucket system w/grit guard
  • Tires cleaned, and protected with a non slinging, long lasting tire gel
  • Wheels cleaned and waxed
  • clean all glass with 2 step Diamondite glass cleaner
  • clay bar entire vehicle to remove environmental paint contaminants
  • all exterior paint and trim protected with Opti-Coat ceramic coating (see below for more details)
  • headlights, tail lights, and fog lights protected with Opti-Lens, which provides a tremendous amount of UV protection 

before and after polishing

Opti-Coat Pro PERMANENT Paint Coating

You read it right.  We can protect your vehicle with a permanent coating that protects automotive paint over its lifetime!  Unlike a wax or sealant, it will not wash or wear off.  It acts as a second layer of clear coat, but is more resistant to scratching, & has amazing water beading & stain resistance.  It comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty!
It is a clear ceramic coating, much like the clear coat that already exists on your vehicle. And just like your factory clear coat, it is meant to be permanent!  It can be applied to all exterior surfaces, such as:
  • painted surfaces
  • headlights
  • wheels
  • plastic trim
  • bumpers
  • aluminum & chrome surfaces
We are one of the few authorized Opti-Coat & Opti-Glass dealers!

The Ultimate Package

$695 for cars
$100 for standard pickups/small SUV's
$200 for extended cab pickups/large SUV's
  • Combines all services of the "Paint Restoration" and " Opti-Coat Protection" packages
  • Ensures that your vehicle's paint surface is near perfection before permanently protecting it with Opti-Coat ceramic paint coating

Optional Services:
(available only in conjunction with detailing packages above)

Opti-Glass Coating
$50 for all vehicle exterior glass surfaces
  • Forms a durable, cross-linking bond to glass and other silica-based surfaces, providing the utmost in chip, scratch and mar resistance 
  • Creates such an immense amount of surface tension on glass surfaces that water will simply bead up and roll off at speeds above 35 mph, rendering your windshield wipers virtually useless at highway speeds!  
  • It's so durable, that it will last a year minimum!

Glass Polishing/Spot Removal
$50 for windshield only
$125 for whole car/$150 for truck/SUV
  • Tired of those hard water deposits that won't come off no matter how hard you scrub?
  • Glass polished to near like new condition with special pads and polishes

Headlight Restoration
  • Makes cloudy, rough, oxidized headlights clear and smooth again
  • The difference between our service and most is that we use Opti-Lens coating used for long lasting UV protection

Headlight before restorationAfter headlight restoration

Headlight Protection
  • After restoration, or, if your headlights don't need restoring, they can be covered with a clear, very tough material from Xpel that will protect them from chips, scratches, & oxidation


Xpel Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra)
(Prices vary by vehicle and extent of coverage)
Our premiere service is Xpel paint protection film.  Paint protection film is a clear, semi-permanent film that is applied to areas of the vehicle that are rock chip & bug acid damage prone.  Some people go even farther & have the hood, or even the whole vehicle covered.  We install Xpel paint protection film.  Xpel "Ultimate" paint protection film has an industry leading 10 year warranty, & there's no compromise between optical clarity & toughness, which is usually a trade off.  But above all, this film is a game changer because it's SELF HEALING!  Confused by others' claims that theirs is the best?  Please feel free to search the web yourself, & you will see that Xpel Ultimate is by far the best on the market.  Austin Cedar Park Clear Bra is the name for our clear bra business.  We are the only clear bra dealer/installer in the Austin area that is factory trained & certified, stocks Xpel film, & uses an in house computer aided plotter.   Please visit austincedarparkclearbra.com for more information, & a video showing the film's self healing ability.

Free Paint Finish Analysis
  • NEVER let anyone machine polish your paint if they don't have a paint thickness meter.  The typical factory paint thickness is about 5 mils (thousandths of an inch).  The clear coat is about 1.5 of that.  During the initial painting process, the UV protection in the clear coat migrates to the top .5 mils.  So it's critical to not remove too much clear coat during the polishing process.  Old school rotary polishers & aggressive polishes can remove clear coat quickly.  I do all of the polishing personally, and use a paint meter & a forced rotation dual action polisher, which is safe, but effective
  • We will inspect your paint finish for swirls, scratches, and holograms, and explain the process of polishing/renovating/refining the paint

A Personal Touch Auto Detailing takes great pride in all of our available detailing products & services.

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