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We're "movin' on up"!

This detailing advice will be a little different.  I love using acrylic polymer paint sealant to protect a vehicle's finish because it's tougher & longer lasting than traditional wax, but I've recently discovered the ultimate in paint protection.  Paint protection film is a clear, semi-permanent film that is applied to areas of the vehicle that are rock chip & bug acid damage prone.  Some people go even farther & have the hood, or even the whole vehicle covered.  I researched various brands & types of film, & am now going to start installing Xpel brand paint protection film!  Xpel "Ultimate" is by far the best on the market.  It has a 10 year warranty, & there's no compromise between optical clarity & toughness, which is usually a tradeoff.  But above all,  this film is a game changer because it's (drum roll please) SELF HEALING!  Swirls & scratches will self heal with a little heat from hot water, hot air, or just the sun.  I will also offer Llumar window tint.  I'm opening a commercial location in Cedar Park near Brushy Creek & 183.  I'm looking at 2 different shops, & will know the exact address very soon.  Austin Cedar Park Clear Bra will be the only factory certified & trained Xpel dealer in the Austin area.  Very exciting!  Please let me know if you have any interest, or just comments or questions.  You can visit austincedarparkclearbra.com.  

Detailing Advice of the Month (11/24/12)

I've gotten so busy that I went from a week, to two weeks, and now to detailing advice of the month!  Let's talk about the products that we use to keep our vehicles clean and protected.  Did you know that there are many proffesional quality products available to anyone online?  Autogeek.net is probably the best known.  There are a few basic products that I would recommend first.  Cobra brand waffle weave microfiber towels can't be beat for the paint, interior, or glass.  Diamondite aerosol glass cleaner is amazing.  The Glassmaster Pro is very handy for cleaning the nooks and crannies of the windshield.  Optimum brand quick detailer is easy to use, and leaves a great shine.  Optimum tire gel dries to solid, not sticky coating.  Optimum No Rinse car wash concentrate allows you to wash your car without rinsing, and without scratching if used correctly.  Higher quality products are usually easier to use, and more importantly, give you much better results. Never use dishwashing liquid (especially Dawn), old bath towels, or even diapers on your paint.  Windex and equivalents are garbage.  Armor All and equivalents will turn your tires brown.s  Take care of your investment! 

Detailing Advice of the Week (10/28/12)

I guess that this is my detailing advice of the 2 weeks, since it's been 16 days.  Most people don't know the difference  between polishes, glazes, waxes, and sealants.  A polish is for removing swirls and scratches, and will remove a microscopic amount of paint to achieve this.  They come in various stages of cutting ability.  In other words, how fast they will remove blemishes.  The more aggressive the polish, the more likely it will need a follow up, less aggressive polish to remove the haze left from that polish.

Winner of the MOCA Car Show Drawing

The winner of the drawing for a free interior or exterior detail at the MOCA Car Show was Jennifer McCarthy, wife of Greg McCarthy, former MOCA President, and Austin Area Stangs member. I really enjoyed the show, all of the spectacular Mustangs, and meeting so many other car lovers.

Detailing Advice of the Week (10/12/2012)

How do I protect my paint finish?  The best way to protect your paint is a synthetic polymer sealant.  I personally use a sealant from Germany that is a true acrylic, and lasts from 6 months to a year!  It bonds to the paint, has a great shine, has elasticity and toughness, and will help protect the paint from bugs, birds, and automated car washes.

Detailing Advice (10/4/2012)

Roof before & after machine polishing!This is my first installment of "Detailing Advice of the Week".  Probably the most important thing to remember about taking care of your vehicle's paint is to minimize the things that damage the paint to begin with.  Automated car washes use harsh chemicals, and sometimes brushes that can add tiny scratches and swirls in the clear coat.  These are permanent unless removed with machine polishing.  Brushless car washes use the harshest chemicals to make up for the lack of brushes.  Never let bugs or bird poop sit on your car for long, especially in hot, sunny weather.  They are very acidic, and can eat into the clear coat.  Sometimes even rain can be acidic and can cause chemical etching that looks like permanent water spots.  Next week I'll talk about how to best make a barrier between your vehicle's paint finish, and all of the scary stuff out there trying to harm it!

Local Events

If you've never been to Cars and Coffee in "downtown" Leander, you don't know what you're missing!  It's held on the first Sunday of each month, just west of the 183/South St intersection from about 10 AM to 1 PM.  (So this coming Sunday, 10/7) The weather's getting nice now, too!  There's about every kind of car imaginable, from 60's VW microbuses, to old and new American muscle cars, Ferraris, & Rolls Royces.  Come find me and say hi.

I started a blog!

Wow, I'm so high tech now, ha ha.  I'll have a "Detailing Advice of the Week", and then change it to each month at some point in the future.  I'll also be posting about local events, usually car related of course.  For those that don't know me, my name is Darin Massey, the owner.  I'm 48, and grew up in Amarillo, TX.  My dad had an injected, nitromethane dragster, so I've always loved hot rods, and cars in general.  I mainly love American muscle cars, but also love high end imported sports and luxury vehicles.
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