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Detailing Advice of the Week (10/28/12)

I guess that this is my detailing advice of the 2 weeks, since it's been 16 days.  Most people don't know the difference  between polishes, glazes, waxes, and sealants.  A polish is for removing swirls and scratches, and will remove a microscopic amount of paint to achieve this.  They come in various stages of cutting ability.  In other words, how fast they will remove blemishes.  The more aggressive the polish, the more likely it will need a follow up, less aggressive polish to remove the haze left from that polish.  Aggressive polishes are commonly called compounds, and light polishes are sometimes called swirl removers.  Many new high quality polishes such as Menzerna Power Gloss, Meguiars M105, and many others can cut quickly while leaving little or no hazing when used correctly on certain paints.  Each paint finish is different.  Dark, solid colors such as black, and red are the most difficult to get perfect.  Mettalic colors like silver and beige are the easiest.  Glazes have no cutting ability, and merely add shine and fill in swirls with fillers such as silicone, and will quickly fade.  Waxes form a barrier between the paint and the sun, bird poop, bugs, tree sap, etc.  It is there to be the "sacrificial lamb" for the paint.  Sealants serve the same purpose, but are much tougher and longer lasting.  
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