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Detailing Advice of the Month (11/24/12)

I've gotten so busy that I went from a week, to two weeks, and now to detailing advice of the month!  Let's talk about the products that we use to keep our vehicles clean and protected.  Did you know that there are many proffesional quality products available to anyone online?  Autogeek.net is probably the best known.  There are a few basic products that I would recommend first.  Cobra brand waffle weave microfiber towels can't be beat for the paint, interior, or glass.  Diamondite aerosol glass cleaner is amazing.  The Glassmaster Pro is very handy for cleaning the nooks and crannies of the windshield.  Optimum brand quick detailer is easy to use, and leaves a great shine.  Optimum tire gel dries to solid, not sticky coating.  Optimum No Rinse car wash concentrate allows you to wash your car without rinsing, and without scratching if used correctly.  Higher quality products are usually easier to use, and more importantly, give you much better results. Never use dishwashing liquid (especially Dawn), old bath towels, or even diapers on your paint.  Windex and equivalents are garbage.  Armor All and equivalents will turn your tires brown.s  Take care of your investment! 
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