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This detailing advice will be a little different.  I love using acrylic polymer paint sealant to protect a vehicle's finish because it's tougher & longer lasting than traditional wax, but I've recently discovered the ultimate in paint protection.  Paint protection film is a clear, semi-permanent film that is applied to areas of the vehicle that are rock chip & bug acid damage prone.  Some people go even farther & have the hood, or even the whole vehicle covered.  I researched various brands & types of film, & am now going to start installing Xpel brand paint protection film!  Xpel "Ultimate" is by far the best on the market.  It has a 10 year warranty, & there's no compromise between optical clarity & toughness, which is usually a tradeoff.  But above all,  this film is a game changer because it's (drum roll please) SELF HEALING!  Swirls & scratches will self heal with a little heat from hot water, hot air, or just the sun.  I will also offer Llumar window tint.  I'm opening a commercial location in Cedar Park near Brushy Creek & 183.  I'm looking at 2 different shops, & will know the exact address very soon.  Austin Cedar Park Clear Bra will be the only factory certified & trained Xpel dealer in the Austin area.  Very exciting!  Please let me know if you have any interest, or just comments or questions.  You can visit austincedarparkclearbra.com.  
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