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Detailing Advice of the Week

Detailing Advice of the Week (10/28/12)

I guess that this is my detailing advice of the 2 weeks, since it's been 16 days.  Most people don't know the difference  between polishes, glazes, waxes, and sealants.  A polish is for removing swirls and scratches, and will remove a microscopic amount of paint to achieve this.  They come in various stages of cutting ability.  In other words, how fast they will remove blemishes.  The more aggressive the polish, the more likely it will need a follow up, less aggressive polish to remove the haze left from that polish.

Detailing Advice of the Week (10/12/2012)

How do I protect my paint finish?  The best way to protect your paint is a synthetic polymer sealant.  I personally use a sealant from Germany that is a true acrylic, and lasts from 6 months to a year!  It bonds to the paint, has a great shine, has elasticity and toughness, and will help protect the paint from bugs, birds, and automated car washes.

Detailing Advice (10/4/2012)

Roof before & after machine polishing!This is my first installment of "Detailing Advice of the Week".  Probably the most important thing to remember about taking care of your vehicle's paint is to minimize the things that damage the paint to begin with.  Automated car washes use harsh chemicals, and sometimes brushes that can add tiny scratches and swirls in the clear coat.  These are permanent unless removed with machine polishing.  Brushless car washes use the harshest chemicals to make up for the lack of brushes.  Never let bugs or bird poop sit on your car for long, especially in hot, sunny weather.  They are very acidic, and can eat into the clear coat.  Sometimes even rain can be acidic and can cause chemical etching that looks like permanent water spots.  Next week I'll talk about how to best make a barrier between your vehicle's paint finish, and all of the scary stuff out there trying to harm it!
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